How Often to Replace a Motorcycle Chain

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How Often to Replace a Motorcycle Chain

Knowing when to change your bike chain will depend on the maintenance you have carried out in the past, as well as the way you use your bike. It is important to keep your motorbike's chain in good condition as it is responsible for propelling your bicycle, transferring power from the engine to the drive-wheels.

As you can imagine, you need to put a lot of effort into maintaining your bike chain to keep it in good condition. Here at OneHowTo, we can advise you when to change your bike chain.

Steps to follow:

The motorcycle chain's appearance will be a good indicator of when to change your bike chain. If it's stretched or twisted, it's time to change your bike chain. You should also take a close look at the chain links, making sure that they're not worn. If they are, change them.


Although some mechanics recommend that when you change the bike chain you substitute the chain and sprocket, in fact you don't need to do this as often. We recommend changing the entire drive train every two times you replace the chain.


Bear the following in mind when it comes to determining when to replace your bike chain: if you notice that the bike chain is twisted, avoid cutting it in the hope of extending its lifespan. This is because it may malfunction and poses a safety risk.


Good maintenance of the chain means that you can wait longer in between changing one chain for another. You will need to regularly clean and lubricate the chain to ensure maximum longevity and prevent unnecessary wear. It is also important to regularly tighten the bike chain.


If you are looking for a concrete figure on when to change your bike chain based on mileage, 20, 000 kilometers (roughly 12427 miles) is normally recommended. However, if you are careful with the maintenance and drive smoothly, this can extend to up to 30,000 kilometers.


We recommend you read this article to find out what are the main tasks for maintaining your bike, so that you can keep your bike in good condition, ensuring you are safe on the road and don't spend a fortune with your bike mechanic. After all, prevention is cheaper than the cure.

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Removal of original drive chain. Unlike many of you good folk I dont possess a chain breaker, thus the next best is an angle grinder. My Q is , please inform me if there is a better B option.
If you’re going to throw the chain away, why not just grind it off, why risk breaking the link tool?
How Often to Replace a Motorcycle Chain
How Often to Replace a Motorcycle Chain

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