How To Get Rid Of Car Smoke Smell

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Get Rid Of Car Smoke Smell

Whether you are an ex-smoker or a non-smoker, you will understand the need to get rid of car smoke smell. It is one of the worst smells you can imagine, which often feels like a fireplace or a wood furnace. It will get into everything, your seat covers, mats, your clothes, and even in your handbag. If you smoke, your car will definitely smell like death. Now that you decided you don't car that smells of smoke, then it’s up to you to deodorize it before you put it into use. We have already told you How to remove the smell of smoke from the house. Here at, we will tell you about how to get rid of car smoke smell.

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Start by cleaning the car

If cigarette butts and ashes are still littering in your car, then no method will make any difference. First of all, clean out your ashtrays, floors and cup holders for a fresh-smelling car interior. To get rid of car smoke smell, replace the air filter, which will help in cleaning the air and trapping any smoky smells. You may find your air filter under your dashboard, behind that glove compartment or under the hood. Click here to know How To Remove Tobacco Smoke Smell From Your Car.

Vacuum and shampoo the car

If you have a smoky smelling car, you will need to give it a thorough detailing. You may either hire a professional to do that, or get it yourself done in the driveway. Wipe down every surface, because smoke must have settled down on everything inside your car. Brush all the carpets, and vacuum them to remove any odor particles. You may consider doing a complete shampoo of your carpets, seats, AC vents and door panels.

How To Get Rid Of Car Smoke Smell - Vacuum and shampoo the car

Use an air freshener

Once you have cleaned out your car, grab an odor eliminator to freshen up the interior. Placing some dryer sheets under your car seats will also help in freshening up the air. Putting an open can of kitty litter or baking soda can also be helpful in absorbing smoke smell. Spray not only the interiors, but also the vents to ensure that the smell gets out from the vent as well.

How To Get Rid Of Car Smoke Smell - Use an air freshener

Steam clean

Steam cleaning the interior of the car will be effective in removing the smoke smell from its upholstery. The odor remover that you use should use an enzyme that breaks down the chemicals responsible for causing the smell.

Get help from ozone machines

Ozone machines can be highly effective in removing even the extreme smoke smells, but they release toxic gases that may cause damage to the human lungs. You must call a professional retailer to operate the machine. He will operate the ozone machine in a closed car, when nobody will be inside. It is essential to follow the safety directions and guidelines for the safety of everyone.

The final step

Even after all your efforts to clean and get rid of car smoke smell, some slight smell may still keep lingering. To remove that too, place some air freshener near the car’s vents, and allow them to operate for 30 minutes on high. Allow circulation of air with all the windows open, which will be effective in cleansing the car of the odors. This will not only remove the smoke smell left behind, but will also remove the smell of any cleaning chemicals you must have used to clean the vehicle.

How To Get Rid Of Car Smoke Smell - The final step

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How To Get Rid Of Car Smoke Smell
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How To Get Rid Of Car Smoke Smell

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