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How to make A Car Smell Good Naturally

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How to make A Car Smell Good Naturally

Making your car smell good is sometimes not easy, especially if you travel a lot and have children, and are eating in your car. If you smoke inside the vehicle, you'll find it even more difficult. In any case, keeping the air conditioning well maintained and keeping up some cleaning habits periodically will help you to achieve your goal. From OneHowTo, we answer the question how to make my car smell good.

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One way to make your car smell good is to use an air freshener. However, many people find the smell too strong and they may even have an allergic reaction in terms of coughing or sneezing if they are very sensitive to it. Whatever the case, these are some of the options you use:

  • Air freshener sprays
  • Hanging air fresheners
  • Clip-on air fresheners on the vents
  • Electric air fresheners
  • Ioniser air fresheners

All of these options have there advantages, a spray will instantly cover bad smells for example, while an Ioniser may be a bit more of an investment but it actually cleans the air to remove the bad smells completely.


In many cases, your car smells bad because you aren't looking after the air conditioning system properly, and as a result bacteria multiply, causing an unpleasant odour, especially when your turn on the air conditioning.

So the best thing is to clean the air conditioning every 6 months as well as using a cleaning product. Read this article if you want to know how to get rid of bad air conditioning smells.


If you want to make your car smell good you should never smoke in your car. It is a very small space that becomes penetrated by tobacco smell, which is very difficult to get rid of afterwards. If you're used to smoke, you won't notice the smell, but it will make anything you are wearing feel unpleasant too.

If your car does smell of smoke, you can use various home remedies to get rid of the smell. Coffee and citrus fruits are effective at absorbing smells, so you can leave several containers of ground coffee or pieces of orange peel in the car overnight to help absorb the smell. You can find more home remedies to get rid of smells that will work for your car on our article on how to make clothes smell good without washing them.


To make your car smell good, you should make sure to thoroughly clean the upholstery. Take out the foot mats, since there may be something hiding there that will eventually cause a bad smell, and use a vacuum cleaner. If there are any stains, use a spray and a brush to remove them.

For more information about cleaning your cars upholstery we recommend that you read this article about how to clean the fabric roof lining, as well as one of the following articles about cleaning leather seats or fabric seats.


In addition to not smoking in your vehicle, another simple step to make your car smell good is to not eat or leave food in there. Besides the food smell that can sink in and be absorbed by the fabric, it is almost impossible to avoid dropping a crumb or sweeping whatever is left on the seats onto the floor.


If however, you follow these tips to make your car smell good and, still, notice a very unpleasant smell, it may be a mechanical problem causing this undesirable characteristic. You should take your car to your mechanic so they can find the problem.

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danilo lim
is there any gadget to defog windsheil glass
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Danilo,
We're not quite sure, but you can try out these tricks to defog your windshield:

How to make A Car Smell Good Naturally
How to make A Car Smell Good Naturally