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Why Is my Motorcycle Leaking Gas

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 20, 2017
Why Is my Motorcycle Leaking Gas

Apart from being a severe safety hazard, gas leak from a motorcycle leads to decreased mileage, increased fuel consumption and wastage of gas as well. Gas leaks mean frequent fuel stops and more gas usage. Fortunately, gas leaks can be easily detected with their distinctive smell and fumes. If you are asking yourself: why is my motorcycle leaking gas? Then this OneHowto.com article will try to tell you the possible reasons.

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  1. Manufacturing defect in your motorcycle
  2. Cracks in the gas line
  3. Build up of rust
  4. Seal leaks
  5. Improper electrical connections
  6. Damage due to an accident
  7. Leakage in the fuel filter
  8. Contaminants in the gas
  9. Fuel overflow

Manufacturing defect in your motorcycle

If you have recently purchased your motorcycle and it is leaking gas, then there is possibly a manufacturing defect in it. You can take the motorcycle back to the manufacturer, and they will happily fix it before any further injury or damage.

Cracks in the gas line

If something continuously rubbed against your gas line over a long period of time, then the line may get degenerated quickly and allow the gas to leak. In such a situation, detecting the source of the leak can become almost impossible, and you are almost always advised to get a replacement of the gas line.

Why Is my Motorcycle Leaking Gas - Cracks in the gas line

Build up of rust

If your motorcycle is too old or if you have not used it for a long period of time, then rust will start building up in its interiors. With regular rust removal at home, you can not only prevent rust from building up, but also detect and correct any damage in time.

Seal leaks

Sometimes, your motorcycle may have leaky seals and your professional mechanic may advise you to get a faulty seal replaced. This seal is positioned under your gas tank, so the leaking gas may come in contact with the hot engine and cause extensive damage.

Why Is my Motorcycle Leaking Gas - Seal leaks

Improper electrical connections

The fuel injector might be left open, the electrical signals may get mixed up, and they may lead to gas leaking out. So, if you suspect faulty connections, take your motorcycle right away to the mechanic and get them fixed.

Damage due to an accident

If you recently had an accident, then chances are that the machine got cut down during the unexpected event. Something might have got out of place or got damaged, and it might be causing the gas to leak. If you suspect this, then take your motorcycle to a professional as soon as possible, and get the problem fixed. Don’t forget to tell him what kind of accident you faced and what you suspect.

Leakage in the fuel filter

The job of a fuel filter is to remove any impurities from the fuel and ensure that only clean, dirt-free fuel reaches the engine system of your motorcycle. So, the fuel passes through this fuel filters before it reaches your engine. If there is leakage in the fuel filter, it may allow fuel to come out and leak. You may be advised to get the fuel filter replaced every now and then. If you have not replaced it for a long period of time, then consider doing that now.

Contaminants in the gas

It is extremely important to use only high quality recommended gasoline in your motorcycle. If you are using any substandard fuel, then it may come with contaminants that may plug up your fuel system. When your fuel system gets blocked, it may allow gas to leak from the spaces in between. Substandard fuel may cause severe damage to your engine’s interiors as well, that may not get reciprocated afterwards. So, if the damage is still under control, stop using low quality fuel now, and use only high quality gasoline.

Why Is my Motorcycle Leaking Gas - Contaminants in the gas

Fuel overflow

This is obvious, but sometimes, we don’t notice and we overfill our fuel tank with fuel. In that case, the fuel does not find space inside the tank, and it starts leaking out. This is wasteful for you, and dangerous for other people on the road. Fuel is highly combustible and can lead to nasty fires if comes in contact with flames.

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Why Is my Motorcycle Leaking Gas