How to Diagnose Common Motorcycle Clutch Problems

By Max. D Gray. Updated: July 27, 2017
How to Diagnose Common Motorcycle Clutch Problems

Changing the clutch on a motorbike is something that should be carried out whenever you notice the slightest sign of wear. Otherwise, if you neglect this important maintenance work, you run the risk that the part stops working and your motorbike will stop running altogether. So that you have all the information you need, at oneHOWTO we have a few tips and tricks to help you identify some common motorcycle clutch problems and know when to change the clutch on my motorbike.

Worn clutch

If you are finding it harder to change gears when your motorbike's engine is running, this will likely be due to a worn-out clutch. A clear sign that you should change the clutch on your motorbike is that, when it's running, it'll be more difficult than before.

This means you can't change gear smoothly, i.e. the clutch is stiff. You may also notice your motorcycle making strange noises that were not present previously while changing gear. This is the most common warning that you should change the clutch.

Motorcycle doesn't accelerate

Another common symptom of motorcycle clutch problems is that when you accelerate, you see that the rpm increases but the speed does not increase at the same rate. if you experience this issue, it is another sign that you should change the clutch on your motorbike as it is likely worn and close to the end of it's life.

Motorcycle makes a noise

Have you been hearing a chattering or metallic sound while driving your motorcycle? This is another clear sign to help you diagnose motorcycle clutch problems. You may start hearing a faint sound, but it will get louder as the days go by. This is a clear sign your clutch needs changing.

How often to change a motorcycle's clutch

However, the best things to do is to change it even before the first signs of clutch wear, because then you run the risk that your motorcycle's clutch stops working. Therefore, we recommend checking your bike's manual and noting down the recommended date from the manufacturer to change the part.

If you drive your motorcycle on trackdays you may notice clutch problems sooner than expected.

How to Diagnose Common Motorcycle Clutch Problems - How often to change a motorcycle's clutch

Tips to keep your clutch in perfect condition

Using quality oil, if possible the one suggested by your bike's brand, will help to slightly extend the life of your motorbike's clutch. With this, you'll be able to delay changing the clutch or, at least, prevent premature wear and tear.

Using the clutch on your motorcycle in the proper way is key to helping to slow down the wear and tear of your motorcycle's clutch. To do this, don't change gear until you have pressed the clutch down fully and, likewise, do not release it until it is properly in gear.

To change the motorbike's clutch, you can take it to a mechanic you trust or do it yourself, if you're good with your hands have some experience.

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Muhammad Baber Zaman
I found this article very very very useful. I have CG 125 Bike 2017 Model. From one month i am having a lot issues like strange noise from engine, pickup of bike is going bad. In first gear it moves good on start but when i change gears to higher, I start hearing strange sounds and bike speeds up very slowly even I put full accelerator.

Thanks for this article. I would definitely change clutch...
OneHowTo Editor
Glad to help Muhammad, thanks for your input!
Fred Dicus
i have a 1985 yamaha venture it shifts into gear but wont run and theres a clattering noice could you tell me what it could be
Tan choose 103
So where is the diagnosis? Have I missed something? 'If your clutch feels different and it's harder to change gear get a mechanical to change it' is not a diagnosis. Seems like this was written by someone who has no engineering knowledge whatsoever.
I wanted to know how to tell if it's plates, springs, cable, setup etc...
Very poor .
Tshering Dendup
i have a bike which i think its a problem regarding clutch as and when i start my bike,it does start normally but when i let go of the clutch, bike doesn't move at all.
bike makes a lout sound and stays in the same place.
recently i have changed engine oil thinking that it was due to engine oil,but its not.
i think its cheap to post it here because its Discover 125 CC 2014 model and giving me lots of problem.
i am posting it here because i might get some help regarding the bike having faced similar problem by some one.
Thank you
same problem i m persist with same bike discover 125cc
Anna Picket
So if the motorcycle is harder to change gears, the clutch might be wearing out. That's good to know, since I wouldn't want it to go out on me while I'm riding it. I'm fairly new to riding a motorcycle, so I want to make sure it is in top condition. I'll have to have a mechanic look it over and see if they can fix that.

How to Diagnose Common Motorcycle Clutch Problems
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How to Diagnose Common Motorcycle Clutch Problems

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